Book “Governments and Statesmen”

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Book “Governments and Statesmen”

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“Governments and Statesmen” gives an overview of the power structures and most important statesmen in Estonia over the past one hundred years. All heads of state, governments and their leaders, as well as parliaments of the Republic of Estonia are analysed, from Maapäev (the Land Council) of the Estonian Autonomous Governorate and the County Government in 1917 to the 13th Riigikogu elected in 2015, and the current government. The book takes a closer look at 5 Estonian Presidents and 49 Republican Governments (the inter-war and present-day Estonian governments and the governments in exile that operated in 1953–92), as well as parliamentary bodies, such as 13 parliaments (the Riigikogu), Maapäev (the Land Council) which operated from 1917 to 1919, the Constituent Assembly (1919–20), and also the parliamentary bodies connected with the restoration of independence of Estonia: the Estonian Committee and the Estonian Congress, the Supreme Council of the Republic of Estonia, and the Constitutional Assembly.

When it comes to governments, the book addresses their formation, key achievements, and reasons for termination of their activities. In addition, it provides a brief overview of the lives of their leaders and key ministers. In case of parliaments, the book looks at their compositions and activities, as well as the biographies of their leaders.

In addition to the governments, parliaments and statesmen of the Republic of Estonia, the book also addresses the government bodies of foreign powers that have operated in Estonia for the past one hundred years, including the periods of the Soviet occupation during and after World War II (1940–41 and 1944–91), and of the German occupation (1941–44). There is a part dedicated to the Soviet occupation, including an overview of the role of the Estonian Communist Party and the Secretaries-General of the Central Committee of the Estonian Communist Party, as well as that of the governments, government leaders, and Supreme Councils in the Estonian SSR.

Compiler: Madis Maasing
Authors: Anne Läll, Meelis Maripuu, Silver Mägi, Ago Pajur, Karl Stern, Mari-Leen Tammela, Tõnu Tannberg, Triin Tark, Age Tomson, Rein Toomla, Jaak Valge.The book is partly based on the materials published in TEA Encyclopedia and TEA e-encyclopedia.


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